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Collaboration Time!

Official collaboration between C.Villacis Art and Lunas Elixir. In which I made some cute illustrations for Lunas Elixir, we worked together to make something wonderful!

But first, let's talk about what we do.


My name is Cristina Villacis and I am a professional 2D/3D Artist. I started drawing when I was very young and have carried forth my artistic endeavors with each new sketchbook since then. I always wanted to illustrate my stories and share them with others, especially when I create them to make people smile.  My goal is to be a full-time artist and create art where ever I go, to help my family and myself move forward!

As someone who loves to make art, I create illustrations for my Art Store which has art prints to charms and original designs printed on clothing. I want to continue growing and make designs that people would love and hope you guys will join me in this adventure!

Rubie Valentin has a store name Lunas Elixir. She is someone who loves to explore what the world offers. Her love for crystals and tarot cards is what made her decide to open her store and share her joys with others.

"No two crystals are the same and are each unique. Crystals have magical properties and can be used in many ways. They can be used to heal chakras and provide their own energies. A person can be drawn to crystals, which is perfect for finding them forever homes." She says as she tells me this with full of excitement!

Do you want to know what's the best part! We have been friends since elementary school amazing right! It is rare to have a long relationship but we are proof that no matter how far a person is we can still stay connected. She is forever family and I am thankful to have a friend, that's like a cousin and a sister who roots for me as I do for her!


Are you guys getting a good vibe with us !? Well now on to what we decided to create and that was to make stickers! I designed two illustrations of certain crystals she loves and made them cute! Something sweet and elegant we wanted to show and that's what we did, a design for her love of crystals and my love for drawing!!! A fun art that we hope people would enjoy with their purchase. A limited time and I hope you guys get one!!

Stop by her store and see how much love she gives to each of her products. It is an honor to work with her and I hope each day is a blast.

A fun process while making these! Had to make sure it was the right color and didn't lose its charm.

Thank you for reading this fun story of what we made and hope you guys continue to be by our side for our next adventure!


If you want more information about what we do go to our sites and have fun exploring!

C.Villacis Art

Lunas Elixir

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