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Cat Cafe on the GO!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Want cats where ever you go ? Then this cute illustration is for you!
Cat Cafe


Hello to all those who love cats and all cute animals! I wanted to share with you guys this lovely tote bag that I have in store soon!

I wanted to share my happiness and love. I was always excited when a cute kitten would sleep in my lap or when a cat just approaches you without being scared just happy in the moment.

If you understand this feeling and wanted others to know then I hope this cute canvas tote bag would be it!


How this Illustration started was whenever October hit I would draw traditionally with inks and paper. For the whole month, I would draw a different illustration or a theme for that day. It was exciting because it motivated me to draw away from the computer! Which was alright because it was a good change of pace, and felt refreshing.

And the theme I had for that day was freeze, and one of the few times I knew for sure I would be still, is when a cat gets close and you are in the moment.

Everything was done in Indian Ink and watercolors. Used a dip pen for the details and used gold acrylic ink to give it small shimmers.

Wonderful feeling as if you've been chosen that made you believe that you have been accepted to the cat world!

That is what lead to this drawing and now a cute tote bag for the go! With CATS EVERYWHERE!!

The item would be out on November 1st !!!

If that isn't enough, there is a new charm that would go hand in hand with the theme so stay tuned!

If tote bags are not your way to go, then there are Art Prints out for sale right now !!!


If you want to see more art illustrations join me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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