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Skating the Night Away

Hello everyone!!! I feel like it's been long since I posted but the year is just beginning. Lot's of exciting new ideas and designs are happening and I want to share with you guys of what has been going on!!


For the first design I want to share with you guys is this new Skater Girl I did. It was a long process of how I wanted her to look like. At first the inspiration came from a song a friend was playing. But all I could remember was a girl skating in a swimsuit!!! Out of all that was playing that was the only thing I could remember. I wonder if it was because once I heard that part all I was thinking was a girl skating in a spacesuit. Thats what came into mind. A simple inspiration that turned to something more.

Now I made this cute design into shirts and tote bags !

Here is a small snippet of the project designing this , of course I had my adorable dog Vivi to help me 😂

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