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Witches, Skeletons all by the Moon

Halloween is almost here, and what's better than having two witches shine alongside the moon. As they conjure up hidden gems or dark terrors to scare the days away.

The first lady we have is

"Lady of the Night"

Lovely she is keeping the night at bay all with her stones and familiar, just watching the skull create darkness.

"Lady by the Moon"

Is someone who is bound by the moon and holds her familiar close.

"Death's Garden"

And of course, we must not forget our wonderful Death. Tending his garden as the days shine by the moon or sun.


What I wanted to share is that little by little I want to grow my collections of Witch designs, demons, skulls, etc. it may be from something cute to gothic pastels but to sharing it and being seen by others. To hope that they will be loved and cherished. I do hope my art would be noticed but it takes a person to share it and root for you.

Sometimes I will be on hiatus when drawing or showing designs, it's self-doubt but I will get through it, might be a while, that I have to step out and walk my dogs but I am still trying to move forward one step at a time.

To those that have been helping me in the small journey thank you and I hope I can continue to make art that will make you smile.

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