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Pre-orders ready !

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

HELLO you guys! Today's the day for Pre-orders!!!

Meaning, BUY NOW get item later in October!

Crazy right ! Pre-Order by the 22nd of September and get your items first week of October!

I do have one Large ready to leave early , so if you order that size first then you get it before October!!!

Awesome I know 🤩

Check out my product!

Website :




Remember every order you get a free art print!


Did you guys know, that I have a subscription button. You can find it on my "Shop Page" under ART SHOP! Enter your email and save 10 % off , pretty sweet right!

With this you would get updates early before they are even posted and be tuned of what is happening that is new, YAY! Everyone loves deals right!?

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