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April Smiles when there is rain

Ah Spring, oh how lovely the days are when the sun shines and the mist of rain falls to the ground.

It's my favorite time of the month since my birthday lies on one of these days. But what I enjoyed the most so far is how much progress I've been getting.

There are times where I wonder if I should continue but when I think about it, it's always rocky the first few moments in life but once you get the beat, your heart will feel lifted and start drawing the way the colors look. If that's confusing to understand.

Let's start with what's been new!

So recently I've made some cute illustrations with one of the smartest anime characters that really looks amazing every time I see him 😂. It could be because I wanted to see my friends fangirl for their favorite character and that's why I drew Senku. He was a challenge to draw especially his hair but I think I got his expressions down.

I wish I would have recorded the process but I think it would have taken too long and might make a small video on YouTube like a quiet time just watching how one draws.

But I did make a video of the process of how I made this mask and want to share the first video of someone ordering for the first time for this mask.

I'm so thankful for the support I get from my parents and friends! I think it would have been harder if I was moving forward alone but their kindness and hope that they always wish for me make things possible. I wonder if I still have a video of when I first got my heat press it was such a shock that I believed I cried because they want me to have a start and that's why I want to continue believing I can keep going. It might be a slow start but I know I will get to a point where they are proud.

I'll try to do more fanart for everyone to enjoy and I will keep trying to post updates of new events that are happening. Let's move forward one step at a time.

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