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So all been wondering what is on the menu today well I'll tell you! Decided that once a month I'll try to create an illustration for a pin design. May it be cute , scary ,silly or all the above. Usually people make fanarts and that's great! I also want to make fanart designs but I want to make more like original art illustrations ! That's where you guys come in, I'll post some sketches and which ever is loved the most that would be the chosen design for that month. It might take a while that why it be a pre-order but that will be how we will start things off. I hope you guys will join me !!!!

While I'm doing this I'm also looking into the patreon world . Looks like fun idea and be awesome to get more support from the world.


An example would be when I was designing a stamp illustration for when I mail packages I had to think of it by sketching on paper and then asking others if the design was simple and clean.

Do not bend

It was then a great idea so I continued to turning it to a stamp!

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