Gorilla painting

Hey! So today's wonderful adventure I decided to draw a picture of a gorilla but wanted to make him cartoon like and cute. But in the end, I made the gorilla cool instead 😂

Been drawing animals and trying to make them cute as possible 😂 but I sidetrack and drew the gorilla like a mafia character haha. It was probably because I was watching a movie with characters and suits so that was in affect.

Gorilla set 1

Then as I started checking out old cartoon movies and shows with monkeys or gorillas, I got to say tho they really know how to make them amazing. Each one had a interesting design.

But at this moment I only thought of painting this gorilla as cool 😎 like a Mafia boss like my brother said he looked like. And so I painted him! 🎨 also what was funny , I couldn't find all my paint brushes but that didn't stop me from painting. I used a small brush from an old paint set. And I couldn't find my art pallet as well! So I used my box holder for colored pencils and used that 😅 sometimes you have to improvise the tools you use when painting!

The best part I had my dogs by my side and supporting me 😂 along with my brother! It was fun while a movie was playing in the background. Even I didn't know what it was about since I was only focused on the painting 😂🤣 . I do hope you guys enjoyed the art process that I have going on here.

What made this so enjoyable was that I was having fun! And sometimes a painting doesn't go your way but when it does, you get shocked of the outcome! I'm glad I sticker with the basic red and blue colors scheme and the hint of gold. Made the art pop!

There you have it! A cool looking mafia Gorilla !! All because I wanted to draw him cute and cartoon like but took a break to make him this way🤩 it made me happy when my brother walked my way and complimented the painting ! I felt proud I painted this for a good 2hrs just sitting on the floor painting away, getting stains on fav clothing on accident 😅 but not getting mad since you know it comes with the territory, if your not careful hehe. So thank you for watching my video process even if it's long. And hope you guys will enjoy the next illustration that comes 😉!




Drawing is my way of moving forward.

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