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Gorilla painting

Hey! So today's wonderful adventure I decided to draw a picture of a gorilla but wanted to make him cartoon like and cute. But in the end, I made the gorilla cool instead 😂

Been drawing animals and trying to make them cute as possible 😂 but I sidetrack and drew the gorilla like a mafia character haha. It was probably because I was watching a movie with characters and suits so that was in affect.

Gorilla set 1

Then as I started checking out old cartoon movies and shows with monkeys or gorillas, I got to say tho they really know how to make them amazing. Each one had a interesting design.

But at this moment I only thought of painting this gorilla as cool 😎 like a Mafia boss like my brother said he looked like. And so I painted him! 🎨 also what was funny , I couldn't find all my paint brushes but that didn't stop me from painting. I used a small brush from an old paint set. And I couldn't find my art pallet as well! So I used my box holder for colored pencils and used that 😅 sometimes you have to improvise the tools you use when painting!