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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hi everyone!  This will be my official post regarding commissions!

If you are interested or have any questions Contact me; For now please read the guidelines and disclaimers below.

For personal use only. All payments are done in USD, and preferred be paid upfront. Transactions are done via website Ascend, If I accept I will provide an invoice, please provide your email. Will be charged an extra percentage for taxes. It will take about two weeks (from declared start time) to be completed. It all depends on the task of the artwork. Clients will be provided with a “finished” piece and can have minor changes if they see something; for (Digital Art “Detailed” they can tell me of any concerns involving minor changes).

Depending on the design I may add detail to it but if it takes longer then expected (ex: 2hrs or more then there will be an hourly rate) 


Illustrations offered are:

Simple Shading Style


Detail Digital Art



Detailed Chibi Style


Finish Line

What's NEXT?

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